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As a teenager Paco cut his teeth in the early noughties at some of the wildest teknivals in Europe, mixing 160>190bpm tribe records. With time, although forever granted a special place in his heart, he drifted away from the free party and rave scene to broaden his horizons, deepening his knowledge of electronic music in its full scope. He migrated north to Brussels, became a sound engineer, and set up the Chez Paco + Nini recording studio, a space dedicated to creating a local synergy, bringing together various Belgian and international musical networks. He also became part of the effervescent Brüxsel Jardin team, who pool their forces to amplify local talent via their label.
Paco recognizes that music provides much more than just hedonistic loopholes. Thanks to his spiritual and political awareness, he seeks to convey magical experiences and ideals of freedom through the power of his sets and those of others. Recent initiatives like his residency at Antidote (Brussels) allow him to donate funds to local charities, proving that the scene can be a vector for change. Paco’s sets retain the energy channeled from his rave and free party heritage, all the while combining trippy, groovy techno, tech-house, breaks, and acid in an explosively joyous cocktail, bringing not only stomping feet but extended smiles to the dancefloor.

dana kuehr

Dana Kuehr was raised just south of chicago, and floated through nyc and sf before unexpectedly landing in Brussels. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of the great lakes, she started conjuring up her own music. Dana's music is colorful, filled with surreal sounds and a desire to dispense energy.


islas scatters carefully selected vibrations, weaves together electronic gems, creates sinuous and surprising sets. Floating in the limbo between dance music, delay pedals, ASMR, spoken word, movie scores, and ambient sounds, islas plays with the friction that exists when one record meets another, with the joy that erupts when sounds come together to create the previously unheard.


Gurl constructs DJ sets like constellations, bringing together styles and genres to create a unique microcosm every time she takes to the decks. As a passionate digger and record collector, the Luxembourg native now settled in Brussels has fine-tuned a hypersensitive approach to electronic music, which translates into a cosmic journey embarked upon by listeners. During her punchy, fast-paced sets interspersed with techno and electro gems we dance and dream, we remember, and we forget in a collective effort to transcend the boundaries of time and space.

karla böhm

Karla Böhm has a high affinity for electronic music, deejaying and producing. As a graphic designer, she combines her visual and musical acuteness to run her record label sous:sol. Approaching her several projects with the same professionalism, she is now a well-known figure in the Belgian underground scene. Her uplifting DJ sets carry her signature blend of grooviness, balance, control… plus a sprinkle of that Liegeoise playfulness ˙ᵕ˙ Simply put, it is a joy to be around her and in her musical atmosphere. She runs the label sous:sol and helps steer the ship at Heeze and Brüxsel Jardin.


Alexander Francis is a vinyl enthusiast and dj who’s been part of the Brussels club music landscape for over a decade. Two years ago he decided to concentrate on what he loves best: playing deep, quirky sounds designed for intimate dancefloors, and renamed himself francis99 to mark the turning point. Inspired by the rich and diverse Brussels scene, his style echoes years of listening to a wide variety of musical styles, digging and playing records with friends at parties or during all-night home sessions.
After having hosted the Beyond club nights at Fuse with Pierre, Handless Dj and Walrus, you can now find francis99 on Kiosk Radio, at C12 or playing alongside his pals from Basic Moves.


Musically shaped between a teenage love for hip hop and the many sundown to sunrises spent dancing at Brussels’ sweatiest underground parties. Camiflage is convinced that in order to make you move, a track should squeak, bounce, rattle, roll, clap and conjure a grin on your face.

max do

Openness and wide array are keywords in Max's human nature but also in his musical understanding. Thanks to his family, his first influences can be traced back to jazz, blues, new wave, and dub. Ever since, he has been sensitive to multiple music genres, depending on the cycle of life he’s been traveling through. When it comes to electronic music, he chooses lighthearted but thorough bass lines, mellow and warm breaks, dancing the tango with dreamy synth lines.


A true worshiper of house music blessed with a certain ravy and techno spirit, Dj Rino loves to pick out random records that most of us would probably leave in their dusty corners. Music is a main component in Rino’s life, whether he is listening or playing, it fills the silence, connecting him to the present moment and the people around him. Rino’s sets are long, joyful and filled to the brim with energy, breaking boundaries between categories and proving the interconnection between each and every electronic genre. In 2021 he co-founded the label Pinguin Society with fellow DJs Boudewijn Ericx, Tom Rynders, and Michiel Nijs with the aim to promote underappreciated gems from the past.